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Purpose and function of a website

‘Will it be only a representative website or it is important to create another channel for selling my products or services? Do I like to attract chance visitors or I want only to give official information for my company to visitors searching in Internet by name? What are the keywords to attract chance visitors? In addition to the standard presentation of my company, goods and services, what more could be done in order to focus the attention of the fastidious Internet user? What would he be looking for in my website? What would make him stay and read more? What would make him return again? And what would make him buy a product?’

What are your competitors doing?

It would be useful to investigate in details websites similar to your one. You could see what competitors are doing. What is useful and interesting in their websites? What is useless and boring? What could you avoid? Which are the good ideas? Which are the keywords? Pay more attention on those websites which appear in front of the search engine results. Obviously, they have succeeded in web designing.

Website Development

The company or organization website is one of the most important marketing tools. Do not save efforts and resources to design and maintain a good website. If it's made correctly, this investment will returning repeatedly. In the Internet space you are your site! Your website will be successful if it attracts lots of visitors and is able to convince them that your products or services meet their needs.

Before choosing your website design you must answer the following questions:

1. What are the function and purpose of your website – informative, image making, e-commercial, etc.?
2. How to choose the most appropriate keywords? 
3. Who are your competitors? How exactly are they presented in Internet? 
4. What information will be published on? How to be presented to visitors and clients? What is your website structure concept? 
5. How to choose your web designer? 
6. What will be your domain name? How to choose the most appropriate domain name?
7. Where will it be located? What will be your hosting provider?
8. How frequently will your website be updated? Who will be involved in? 
9. What will be the maintenance? 
10. How to make your website easily detected in Internet? Will it have SEO? 
11. Will you need an overall advertising strategy for your Internet promotion?
12. What shall you not to do?

Website Maintenance

You can make subscription for maintenance offered by your web designer or ask him to provide training to your company maintenance specialists.

If you choose to have a company specialist, your website must be appropriately designed with a control management system (CMS) for easy content control. Thereby, a person with average computer skills could be able to manage with the content update.

The update is extremely important for your website. If you do not do that, you will quickly lose the users interest. Currently the number of dead sites is bigger than the number of existing ones.

The worst advertising is a website presenting outdated information. Leaving your website without regular maintenance means wasting the money paid for web design. Thus, your website will not help your business. In fact it will prevent! If your website contains outdated information and your partners know they cannot believe it, why do you think they will believe your e-mails, letters or faxes?

What is Google Places for Business?

What is Google Places for Business and why it’s extremely important for a company to make a record there?

Seeking to locate the companies on Google Maps, Google allows each company to add own business information free of charge. Till 2010 the companies from Bulgaria did not have opportunity to do so themselves. The official partner of Google was Golden Pages Bulgaria. It has been providing information about companies. Each company having an entry in Golden Pages was automatically plotted on the Google map.

What is the content of the above mentioned record in Google Places for Business? 

It includes company name, website, products and services, contacts, photos, videos, working time and other useful information about your company. There can be published also classifieds such as promotions or others. Nowadays, millions of people search in Google Maps every day. The entry in Google Maps repeatedly increases the chance of a company to be found by clients.
When you’re looking for a particular location, Google search tends to derive local results. For example, if you are located in Stara Zagora and you look for a company to develop your website, you make a search for 'web design'. The result is the following: on the first 3 places are companies with paid ad followed by 3 general results and below the local companies ranked on the basis of the ‘Google Places for Business’ entries.

It’s very important to make the right entry in Google Places for Business! 
In order to appear on the front page in a search made by keywords, you must use them in your company entry. 
Google gives certain advices for best entry design and the most important are the following: 
1.Publish all possible information about your company - all contacts, work time, description of the products, photos, videos, if you have any; and completely fill in the application form. This will be an advantage for the search results’ listing. 
2. Use your keywords wherever possible - in the entry title, in your business description, even in the file names of pictures and video.
3. Do not make different entries with the same phone numbers. 
4. Adding a local phone number is an advantage, too. 
5. Declare an e-mail with your website expansion is also an advantage. 
6. If you do not find the category of your business, you can make a new one. 
7. Exactly describe the activities of your company. It will work for you in the search results’ retrieving. 
8. Do not lie - Google check companies in the Official company register!

The verification of the information is made through a special code that you receive as a postcard in 1 to 3 weeks after your registration.


After you made your entry, put Google Maps on your site and publish exactly the same contacts which you have entered in Google Places for Business.
You can update your entry anytime. You can also keep track of statistics: how many times your company has been displayed; how many people have clicked on and what is the keyword search your company has been found by?

M-Design Studio for Web design & SEO

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Web design

Consultation and assistance in domain name and keywords assessment; competition analysis; organizing of the correct content 

Graphic design;

Redesign of existing website;

Website development /all necessary modules, content management system/

Production of commercials

Search Engine Optimization and consultation

Publishing and advertising in online directories and catalogues

Development of online marketing web strategy 

Domain and hosting registration

Website maintenance

We offer good prices and professional web design inspired of your requirements.


How to develop your website?

The best design must be made in collaboration with the designer or the web design company because they usually have more experience and will present you the most successful practices. In order to get some original ideas, it's good to see similar websites.

One of the web design rules is to consider what is important for your clients. Do not be based on what is important for you. As roughly to say, the client is not interested in you, he is interested in decision making of some of his problem. So, think about how easily and quickly to meet your clients needs.

Do not let users wondering about:

• Is this product better than other similar on the market? 
• Where can I purchase it? 
• How will I make the payment? 
• What is the guarantee? 
• What about maintenance?

There might be much more. Consider them well.

How to determine your keywords and key phrases

The first and very important step in web designing is to focus, or in other words, to determine what are the keywords that help people to find you out in the Internet space. A website which is not detected and ranked by the search engines is absolutely useless. It's no longer enough to have an impressive website and to develop a quality product.

What is important for users is to be VISIBLE by the search engines and to solve their particular problems. In Internet people are usually looking for a decision making of a problem. So, when they reach to your website, you must give them an accurate and clear decision. If you don't give it, your competitors will. You don’t want it, right? You must be better than your competitors are which means that you should study them carefully.

How to choose a web designer?

A web design company or a freelancer?

Who could I count for my web design and maintenance on? The choice must be very careful because the website development includes preliminary design and technical aspects. You should make sure that the contractor has understood your idea and has got the feel of your company style. In addition, she/he must deal with the technical aspects of the work.

Users often associate the website quality with the merits of its owner. In other words, if your website looks unprofessionally, do not waste time to convince your clients that you are professional!

Try to get an unique and original design and not one made with free template. Select a web design company or designer that offer all services associated with web designing - registration of domain and hosting /physical website location on a server accessible by Internet/, training and website maintenance.

The web design does not only consist in artistic website layout but especially in good design and structuring of information that must be easily accessible by users.

How to choose a hosting?

Hosting is the space on an Internet server where your website will be located on. If your users’ audience is in UK, it’s better to be located on a British server because Google will appreciate this connection positively. Sufficiently good and reliable hosting providers are already available.

The hosting price depends on several elements as disk space covered by your website, other additional services offered /for example: mailboxes/, as well as on the quality of its maintenance and the traffic. The server must be secure and fast enough to provide with the necessary traffic.

How to choose a domain name?

Which is the most appropriate name of your website?

The website name is very important. First of all, it must be short, attractive and easy to remember for humans. Secondly, it must be the most appropriate for search engines. If the name contains an important keyword, it will be ranked on the first pages of the search engine results.

Basic rules for your choice

• It’s better to be short and easy to remember, to 'talk' about the website essence. 
• It’s good to contain the brand. 
• It’s better to embrace at least one keyword associated with the core business. This will help its Google ranking. 
• Avoid names with difficult spelling. The words must have a clear and unambiguous transcription of Latin. 
• If possible, buy an old domain popular in your branch. This increases the chances of faster and better ranking in Google search engine results.
• Do not use free domain; register your domain in an accredited register. One of the criteria for Google website ranking is the register authority.

You can keep your website name (domain name) for a period of up to 10 years. Usually, it is reserved for 1 or 2 years and renewed each year.