Standard website design

Standard website design

You need a website - no extra cash, no extra options? We can find efficient solution for your internet performance without incidental expenses. You'll get our own website with perfect internal SEO, unique graphic design and content management system.

The web design includes

  • Graphic design
  • Creation of a website structure - up to 15 internal pages
  • Treatment and uploads of logos, photos and other graphic images
  • Feedback Form
  • Internal SEO Optimization
  • Consultation and trouble-shooting during the first 3 months of the website operation.

The Content Management System requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage the website content.

You need no external support to maintain your website.

The technology allows further website development and extension with additional facilities such as news, forums, galleries, books for guests, etc.

The price shall be based on number and type of additional website modules and facilities.