SEO services

SEO services

Our SEO services include:

1. Consultations in your business keywords defining. Usually, we use several Google instruments which provide statistics of particular words and phrases search frequency. 
2. Verification of the current website ranking or SEO audit. The SEO audit finds out if the basic SEO rules are observed, does the website contain any external links and what are they, what is your website presence in the social networks, etc.
3. Competition analysis founds out who your main competitors are, what is their websites ranking and helps to determine the necessary SEO measures which will ensure higher ranking of your website. 
4. Defining of realistic SEO aims conformable with your budget.

The SEO services’ price cannot be preliminary fixed because it depends of:

  • your website status;
  • the power of your competitors.

In some branches, you can obtain maximum results with minimum efforts, but in others, your competitors are very active and you need a large budget to obtain the wished ranking.

5. Particular SEO measures could be on-page optimization/adding of keywords, meta tags, file names and similar others in the text/; writing of new suitable texts and periodically content update; measures aiming to website speed and loading time optimization; creation of external links by website registration in different directories, working of website strategy for its Internet and social networks presence, etc.