Website Redesign

4asovnikOur Redesign service includes modifications and update of the graphic website appearance with no considerable changes in the website structure and content.

The website design requires a periodic update. The Internet marketing experts recommend website refreshment every 3-4 years. During such a period the company image and advertising strategy often change. That’s why the redesign becomes obligatory.

On other hand, new technologies are evolving rapidly and the requirements to a website are becoming increasingly large. If five years ago your website was modern and stylish, maybe today it is not exactly so. Another fact must be taken into account - the website must be accessible through mobile phones, laptops and other similar devices which specificity shall be taken into consideration in your website redesigning. The redesign is also required because of the incessant web standards modification and computer technology development.

The appearance of your website should always express your corporate identity, good style and your attitude to customers.