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What is Google Places for Business?

What is Google Places for Business and why it’s extremely important for a company to make a record there?

Seeking to locate the companies on Google Maps, Google allows each company to add own business information free of charge. Till 2010 the companies from Bulgaria did not have opportunity to do so themselves. The official partner of Google was Golden Pages Bulgaria. It has been providing information about companies. Each company having an entry in Golden Pages was automatically plotted on the Google map.

What is the content of the above mentioned record in Google Places for Business? 

It includes company name, website, products and services, contacts, photos, videos, working time and other useful information about your company. There can be published also classifieds such as promotions or others. Nowadays, millions of people search in Google Maps every day. The entry in Google Maps repeatedly increases the chance of a company to be found by clients.
When you’re looking for a particular location, Google search tends to derive local results. For example, if you are located in Stara Zagora and you look for a company to develop your website, you make a search for 'web design'. The result is the following: on the first 3 places are companies with paid ad followed by 3 general results and below the local companies ranked on the basis of the ‘Google Places for Business’ entries.

It’s very important to make the right entry in Google Places for Business! 
In order to appear on the front page in a search made by keywords, you must use them in your company entry. 
Google gives certain advices for best entry design and the most important are the following: 
1.Publish all possible information about your company - all contacts, work time, description of the products, photos, videos, if you have any; and completely fill in the application form. This will be an advantage for the search results’ listing. 
2. Use your keywords wherever possible - in the entry title, in your business description, even in the file names of pictures and video.
3. Do not make different entries with the same phone numbers. 
4. Adding a local phone number is an advantage, too. 
5. Declare an e-mail with your website expansion is also an advantage. 
6. If you do not find the category of your business, you can make a new one. 
7. Exactly describe the activities of your company. It will work for you in the search results’ retrieving. 
8. Do not lie - Google check companies in the Official company register!

The verification of the information is made through a special code that you receive as a postcard in 1 to 3 weeks after your registration.


After you made your entry, put Google Maps on your site and publish exactly the same contacts which you have entered in Google Places for Business.
You can update your entry anytime. You can also keep track of statistics: how many times your company has been displayed; how many people have clicked on and what is the keyword search your company has been found by?

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